Friday, May 10, 2013

Confessions of a lazy foodie

Juan harvesting rhubarb the day after we got home,

Juan and I just got back from a month-long road trip. One feature of it was that we spent a lot of time with family, friends, and business folks.

And we ate with them.

And other the few days when we were between points on our journey, we were trying to make good time and certainly didn't want to stop to cook, eat, and clean up. That happened about 4 nights on the whole trip, maybe 5.

So for a whole month I didn't really cook. I helped cook, some. (Not much).

And then guess what happened when I got home? With all that repressed cooking desire?

It was gone! I was not the least bit interested in cooking!

I wish other habits were as easy to break!

Fortunately our breakfasts and lunches were easy to manage: We used our favorite travel food, Shaklee 180 meal bars and snack bars and Smoothee mixes. They filled us up in a reliably healthy way - good easy deal!

I AM cooking again. I'm getting back in the swing. The garden is feeding us and that really helps.

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