Saturday, May 11, 2013

How (not) to get 10,000 steps

Before we went on our April 2013 trip, I was striving earnestly to do 10,000 steps a day. It took all day and required some sort of dedicated longish walk, or I wouldn't get beyond 7000.

(Why 10,000 steps a day? I'm not sure, just - I think - that it means a lot of walking, more than average.)

Our daughter KT gave us each a pedometer for Christmas, and once I got in the habit (late February, maybe?) I have kept it in my pocket ever since.

Back before our April trip I would go so far as to add an extra walk around the neighborhood to get to the magic number.

But then came our trip. 

IF 10,000 steps is difficult on the average home-based day, how do you succeed when you are on the road for 8 hours?

In my case, you don't. Or I didn't.

Every time we stopped, I'd walk. While Juan was pumping gas - after I was done in the bathroom - I'd walk back and forth at the gas station. Likewise for a rest area. But even with this effort, by the end of the day I was often only at about 4000-5000 steps.

When we had landed at one of our destinations, I'd try, but then I'd get caught up in seeing folks and other busyness.

So for 32 days I did not do 10,000 steps.

So what about when we got home? That's another story.

Moral of the Story #1 - for the Fainthearted: Leave your pedometer at home when you're on a road trip.
Moral of the Story #2 - for the Stalwart: Do it anyway! It will be worth it when you get home! To be continued....

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